Eveline (Sunday, 10 July 2016 15:46)

In my mind, I still revel in our painting vacation. Without exact expectations, Wolfgang and I arrived and were thrilled from day one. The daily intensive painting and sketching helped a lot and I learned a lot. It was a relaxed atmosphere and painting together was very inspiring. The good instructions and tips from Bernd, I could implement well. Bernd is a person of great passion,

communicates his knowledge. Just great! So some exciting pictures have been created, which really give pleasure.

Every day we were cooked, with so many delicious and lovingly prepared menus, from the homemade ice cream and chocolate cake, to the delicious roast chicken, vegetables and seafood and so much more!

Wolfgang came as a companion and has enjoyed with small hikes in the truly unique landscape and swimming in the hotel pool, the holidays. The evening we let the wine end, with good and funny conversations.

Many thanks to Bernd and Javier, we can be this week with enthusiasm


Summer Course 2015 Betina

I liked painting the most (in the studio and outside). I found the 3 hours after breakfast and 3 hours in the evening very well distributed and always exciting. The exchange with Isabel and Diana was also very interesting and pleasant.

Personally, I have learned some technical trivia, but especially the 'seeing and recognizing' of light and shadow and 'painting without thinking and without planning a result'.

I was fascinated and can only recommend this workshop and looking forward to another opportunity, maybe in Barcelona?

We laughed a lot and the atmosphere was always very relaxed, it was a very successful week with graduation in the wonderful restaurant l'Ortensia. A direct hit!

Thanks also for your comments, criticism and praise and for your generosity!

So again MERCI BEAUCOUP and sure to see you soon.

Summer Course 2014 Diana


Particularly noteworthy is that Bernd as a teacher has never tried to press us into a style, but with each student on the respective strengths and weaknesses and has entered with gentle pressure, it has almost unnoticed, the "own" self in the pictures express. No matter if beginner or advanced, everyone had so much fun and learning or aha effects that we painted through almost the entire time until the hunger and exhaustion drove us back into the house.